About that flu

About That Flu

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”-Benjamin Franklin 


By Pam

Most of us know the flu season is still in full swing, It stinks for you and stinks for us. Like every year at this time we may see some delays due to team member illness until this blows over. The team is prepared with many disinfectants to wipe the germs out of your home. Let us know of any hazardous material beforehand so it can properly be disposed of.

Some simple guidelines from the CDC will help protect others in your home.


Some extras we like to do is wipe doorknobs and light switches with disinfectants that can kill bacteria and viruses. We know this isn’t a fool proof thing, but it does help reduce transmission in the grand scheme of things. Another transmission of flu would be your cell phone or any other object you usually carry, currency for example could be used to spread the flu.While we cannot be on your property all day everyday to clean, we can leave some disinfectant wipes behind for you to use.

Spring time is right around the corner, we will let you know when carpet cleaning bookings will be available.Like anything regular maintenance prevents costly issues down the road. If you have tile and grout that needs to be machine scrubbed we can pencil you in. Don’t forget floor services are significantly discounted if we are already on your property!

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